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The Masculine Mandates: Lost to Culture and Time

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"So beneficial to me in my dating life"

(Masculine Mysteries) has been so beneficial for me, in more ways than I could have imagined... Something that I was not necessarily expecting to learn more about was how the feminine counterpart to the "nice guy" is the "good girl" and how the way I was taught to be is also so detrimental to my being able to step into my divine feminine and how that, in turn, does not allow the men in my life to fully step into their embodied masculine.

This is going to be so helpful to me as I am doing this work. I also have already seen how it has been so beneficial to me in my dating life. I highly recommend it to every woman to improve how they see men and how they can better communicate with them. I would also highly recommend you to all the men in my life looking to dive into doing the work with themselves to heal and truly be able to embody their divine masculinity. The work you are doing is so important for men and women. Thank you!

Dede K

"I’ve been able to have a more compassionate and loving approach to myself and the men in my life"

Taking the time to learn more about the masculine has been an eye and heart opener. Joe not only comes prepared to speak truth, he is living the teachings. Guiding men to be more, connecting women to information to support the men in their lives. As I’ve learned the different ways the masculine shows up, I’ve been able to have a more compassionate and loving approach to myself and the men in my life. 

Kari F

"The understanding of my own archetypal patterns has allowed me to embrace my strengths, confront my challenges, and foster a more authentic sense of self"

I wholeheartedly recommend (Masculine Mysteries) to anyone seeking a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound enrichment in their lives. I uncovered facets of myself that had long remained dormant or unrecognized. The understanding of my own archetypal patterns has allowed me to embrace my strengths, confront my challenges, and foster a more authentic sense of self. By understanding the various archetypes, I have gained valuable insights into the struggles, aspirations, and motivations of the men in my life, enabling me to approach them with newfound understanding and support.  

The feedback I received from (my exes) was always the same... that I "emasculated them".  Understanding how my own masculine energy could react with and bring out the various underlying facets of the masculine archetypes within their personalities, has helped me recognize and honor the intricate dance between these polarities within myself and my partners. (Joe’s) ability to blend ancient wisdom with contemporary psychology and philosophy was truly exceptional.

Megan G

About Joe

Instagram: @joesperedon

Joe Speredon, a visionary leader on a mission to empower men to unleash their true potential and embody authentic masculinity. Hailing from the heart of Utah, Joe's diverse background in real estate, fitness, and the electrical industry, along with his experience in warehouse operations, sales, and management, has honed his expertise in building businesses from the ground up.

As the founder of the Utah Men's Circle, Joe has been at the forefront of facilitating transformative retreats and events for years.  Joe's journey as a coach and inspirational speaker has crystallized his message of empowerment and masculine embodiment.

Joe's  focus lies in guiding the masculine to embrace their authentic selves, unlocking the power of mature masculinity and opening doors to creating their desired reality in all aspects of life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual, and financial.

Having embarked on his own path of crisis and self-discovery, Joe understands the transformative power of expert coaching and mentorship. He has worked extensively with renowned coaches across the country, first on his own personal growth and then training to guide others on their unique journeys. With a deep empathy for men's stories and diverse life paths, Joe is committed to helping men thrive, recognizing the vital importance of brotherhood and support along the way.

Join Joe Speredon and embark on a life-altering journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the realization of your fullest potential. Together, we'll shape a new paradigm of authentic masculinity and create lives of purpose, fulfillment, and profound significance.



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